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“Cymbeline is a pungent self-parody on Shakespeare’s part: we revisit King Lear, Othello, The Comedy of Errors, and a dozen other plays, but we see them now through a distorting lens.”

Cymbeline Act Two, Part Two By Dennis Abrams ————————————————- To continue with Harold Bloom, who strongly disagrees with Tanner’s admiration of the play: “Shakespeare gives a very vivid instance of antithetical technique in Act II, set in Imogen’s bedchamber, where … Continue reading

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“Sluttery, to such neat excellence opposed,/Should make desire vomit emptiness,/Not so allured to feed.”

Cymbeline Act One, Part One By Dennis Abrams —————————— MAJOR CHARACTERS Cymbeline, King of Britain Princess Imogen (aka Innogen in the Oxford edition), Cymbeline’s daughter (later disguised as Fidele Posthumus Leonatus, Imogen’s husband, a poor gentlemen Queen (unnamed), Cymbeline’s second … Continue reading

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