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“I have been studying how I may compare/This prison where I live unto the world;/And for because the world is populous,/And here is not a creature but myself,/I cannot do it. Yet I’ll hammer it out.”

Richard II Act Five, Part Two By Dennis Abrams ———————- From Goddard, picking up from my last post: “Richard, taken, ominously, not to the Tower as announced but to the dungeon of Pomfret castle, soliloquizes on this very theme of … Continue reading

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“Where is thy husband now?/Where be thy brothers?/Where be thy two sons?/Wherein dost thou joy?”

Richard III Act Four By Dennis Abrams ———————————————- Act Four:  At his coronation, Richard suggests to Buckingham that it is time for the two Princes to die.  When Buckingham has the temerity to hesitate, Richard turns on him and gets … Continue reading

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