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“Let us once lose our oaths to find ourselves,/Or else we lose ourselves to keep our oaths.”

Love’s Labour’s Lost Act Four By Dennis Abrams —————————————– Act Four:  Finding the ladies out hunting, Costard produces Don Armado’s letter by mistake.  Without realizing his error, Costard goes on to deliver the other letter to Jaquenetta (anyone surprised?), and … Continue reading

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“It is this foppery of delicate language, this fashionable plaything of his time, with which Shakespeare is occupied in Love’s Labours Lost.”

Love’s Labour’s Lost Critical History By Dennis Abrams —————————————— Since I gave you an extra couple of days to read Act 4, I thought I’d get into a brief discussion of the play’s critical history. Perhaps not surprisingly, until the … Continue reading

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“And among three, to love the worst of all,/A whitely wanton with a velvet brow,/With two pitch-balls stuck in her face for eyes;”

Love’s Labour’s Lost Act Three By Dennis Abrams ——————- Act Three:  Don Armado makes a move for Jaquenetta by employing Costard (who he has released from custody), to send her a passionate love letter.  Thinking along the same lines, Berowne … Continue reading

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“Did not I dance with you at Brabant once?”

Love’s Labour’s Lost Act Two By Dennis Abrams ————————- Act Two:  The King’s plan to impose a new moral order hits an unexpected snag:  The Princess of France arrives in Navarre with three ladies, announcing that her father will repay … Continue reading

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“Light seeking light doth light of light beguile…”

Love’s Labour’s Lost Act One By Dennis Abrams —————— Act One:  King Ferdinand has proclaimed a new moral order:  By persuading his lords to sign an agreement renouncing women and dedicating themselves to three years of study, he hopes to … Continue reading

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