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“Therefore to arms — and, father, do but think/How sweet a thing it is to wear a crown,/Within whose circuit is Elysium/And all that poets feign of bliss and joy.”

Henry VI, Part Three Act One By Dennis Abrams —————– Act One:  (The action continues fairly directly from Henry VI Part II)  After their victory at the Battle of St. Albans, the Yorkists force King Henry (who doesn’t take much … Continue reading

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“Law and order cease to previl when men cease to believe in them, and the process by which this comes about is explored in the play’s dominant characters.”

King Henry VI, Part Three An Introduction By Dennis Abrams If ever there was a play that provided evidence of what critic Jan Kott called the “constant procession of kings” in Shakespeare’s histories, it’s Henry VI, Part III.  The action, … Continue reading

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